Dreams of the past- Bidiri Art

Tarusa’s craftsmanship for Bidri work reflects the regality and timelessness of the art developed during the reign of Bahami Sultans of Bidar in Karnataka. 

While gold and silver were used in the earlier times, Tarusa makes use of Zinc and Copper against bold and bright colours which makes the art stand out. The highly proficient karigars give out an uncompromisingly perfect finish, such that the hand-crafted piece stands out to match modern taste and traditional art.

Tarusa provides you a range of items crafted in the Bidri style right from jewelry to home décor artifacts and lifestyle products.

Whether you are buying it for yourself or for gifting it to your loved one, Bidri fails to allure none. Even if you are a boutique or an art-house that celebrates and spreads the love for traditional Indian artistic lore, Tarusa’s passionately crafted Bidri is sure to captivate your customer’s hearts. 


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